Pakistan is the 7th largest date producing country of the world with an annual production of 0.543 million tons. It is also ranked among the ten top date exporting country. The main producing clusters are in Khairpur, Sindh and Turbat in Baluchistan. The dates produced in Sindh are of Aseel, Fasli, Bhedir, Kupro varieties. Whereas in Baluchistan Mozawati, Begum Jangi, Kaharba and Sabzo are the predominant verities. In KPK Dhakki and Mazawati are cultivated. Aseel is considered the king of all the dates produced in Pakistan. It has a sweet taste and a delectable texture with a nice shiny surface. Good quality Aseel is traded as the fresh table date in local and international market. Pakistan is also the biggest exporter of dry dates to many countries of the world. Hundreds of small scale industries exists in the producing areas to convert the fresh harvest to dry dates. Dates from Pakistan are exported to 30 countries. The major exports are to United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Turkey, USA, Australia and Bangladesh. Several value added products are produced from dates viz; syrup, powder, sweets, energy bars, biscuits etc.

Types of Dates

More than 100 varieties of dates are grown in Pakistan. Many of these dates are unique in taste and texture and are commercially very viable.



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