Pakistan produces 2.30 million tons of onions annually and is ranked 9th in terms of onion production in the world. Pakistan is also the 8th largest exporter of onion. Most of the onion in country are produced in the province of Sindh followed by Balochistan and Punjab. The production season in Sindh is from November to April and Balochistan from October to November. Whereas in Punjab and KPK it is from May to July and August to October respectively. Due to the differences in harvest season the onion availability remains constant almost throughout the year. The main varieties cultivated are Phulkari, Nasarpuri, Desi red, Pink, Sariab red, Chilton and Swat. The main export destinations are Malaysia, Sri Lanka, UAE, Bangladesh and Qatar. Onions are not only used in raw form in salads and cooking but many value added products like dehydrated onions, onion flakes, onion powder and fried onions are also marketed and exported.


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