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16 - 18 Feburary 2024

Networking and City Tour

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Witness the hub of IT, Lahore

Visit to top IT companies offices, Incubation Centers and Software Technology Parks<

Welcome To Tech Spring 24

” Tech Destination Pakistan ” – A hidden treasure for tech innovations and emerging technologies. Where, Global visionary minds will coverage to usher a new era of sustainable digitalization. This event will transform the digital landscape of Pakistan by hosting Global Tech Leaders as they connect with Pakistan IT Industry, academia and tech enthusiasts and share their innovative ideas and future plans. Join us at Techspring24 as we journey towards a sustainable and multilateral digital future.


Showcase your products and services while selling your ideas at the first ever international Tech show in Pakistan.


Engage in tech talks, futuristic discussions and insightful discussions.


Connect with leaders, spark collaborations. Elevate your industry presence, forge lasting bonds for success.
  • Gain practical insights


    • Fintech Innovation through partnerships: A Roadmap for successful collaborations
    • Understanding the significance of Funding and Investment in IT Business.
    • A new era in Gaming & Animation: XR, VR, AR, MR
    • Expansion of BPO Industry in Pakistan: Growth Trajectory, Trends, and Global
    • Competitiveness Navigating the Path to a Successful Freelance Career Shaping the Future of Al-Powered Learning and Decision-Making
  • Connecting the Dots in


    • Digital Inequality in Pakistan: Challenges and Pathways to Progress
    • The importance of cyber security in the digital age
    • Digital environment sustainability: challenges for developing countries
    • The Metaverse Unveiled: Navigating the Future of Digital Realities
    • Future of Freelancing in Pakistan
    • Breaking Barriers: Women Pioneers in Tech
    • Exploring the significance of IT in Aerospace
    • Pakistan's Digital Renaissance: Transforming Industries through Tech Disruption and Innovation


    • Digital Safety Workshop: Navigating the Cybersecurity Landscape
    • Al Governance: Strategies for Responsible and Effective Regulation
    • Exploring Quantum Computing
    • Growth Strategy from Start-up to Scale-up
    • Meet the Heroes: Building a Successful Business in Pakistan
    •The Economic Impact of Digital Nomads on Local Economies
    • Marketing in the Digital Era: exploring new frontiers

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